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Model No.: HS400 Place of Origin: China

1. Product features, advantages, etc.: It is the main rotating part of the engine and the power of the entire engine system

2. Detailed instructions for use of the product: After the connecting rod is installed, it can undertake the up and down (reciprocating) movement of the connecting rod and turn it into a cyclic (rotating) movement. It is an important part on the engine. Its material is made of carbon structural steel or ductile iron. It has two important parts: the main journal, the connecting rod journal, (and others). The main journal is installed on the cylinder block, the connecting rod journal is connected with the big end hole of the connecting rod, and the small end hole of the connecting rod is connected with the cylinder piston, which is a typical crank-slider mechanism. The lubrication of the crankshaft mainly refers to the lubrication of the connecting rod big end bearing bush and the crankshaft connecting rod journal and the lubrication of the two fixed points. The rotation of the crankshaft is the power source of the engine. It is also the source power of the entire mechanical system.

3. Packaging information of the product, whether there are accessories, etc.: wooden box or carton packaging


4. Turbocharger

1. Product features, advantages, etc.: 1. Improve engine liter power. When the engine displacement is unchanged, the density of the intake air can be increased to allow the engine to inject more fuel, thereby increasing the power of the engine. The power and torque of the engine after adding a supercharger should increase by 20% to 30%. On the contrary, under the requirement of the same power output, the cylinder diameter of the engine can be reduced, and the volume and weight of the engine can be reduced.

2. Improve engine emissions. Turbocharger engines reduce the discharge of harmful components such as particulate matter and nitrogen oxides in the engine exhaust by improving the combustion efficiency of the engine. It is an indispensable configuration for diesel engines to meet emission standards above Euro II.

3. Provide the function of plateau compensation. In some high-altitude areas, the higher the altitude, the thinner the air, and the engine with a turbocharger can overcome the power drop of the engine caused by the thin air at the plateau.

4. Improve fuel economy and reduce fuel consumption. Due to the better combustion performance of the engine with a turbocharger, it can save 3%-5% of fuel.

2. Detailed instructions for use of the product: Increase the air intake by compressing air. It uses the inertial momentum of the exhaust gas discharged from the engine to push the turbine in the turbine chamber, and the turbine drives the coaxial impeller, which presses the air sent from the air filter pipeline to pressurize it into the cylinder. When the engine speed increases, the exhaust gas discharge speed and the turbine speed also increase synchronously, the impeller compresses more air into the cylinder, and the increase in air pressure and density can burn more fuel, correspondingly increase the fuel amount and adjust the engine speed, It can increase the output power of the engine.

3. Product packaging information, whether there are accessories, etc.: carton packaging

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