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Water Pump

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Model No.: K4100 Place of Origin: China

1. Features, advantages, etc. of the product; the water pump is a machine that transports liquid or pressurizes the liquid. It transfers the mechanical energy of the prime mover or other external energy to the liquid, increasing the energy of the liquid. It is mainly used to transport liquids including water, oil, acid and alkali, emulsion, suspoemulsion and liquid metal

2. Detailed instructions for use of the product; 1. Under the conditions permitted by the geographical environment, the pump should be as close to the water source as possible to reduce the length of the suction pipe. The foundation of the pump installation site should be firm, and a special foundation should be repaired for fixed pumping stations.

2. The water inlet pipeline should be sealed and reliable, must have special support, and cannot be hung on the water pump. For the water inlet pipe equipped with the bottom valve, the axis of the bottom valve should be installed vertically to the horizontal plane as far as possible, and the angle between the axis and the horizontal plane should not be less than 45°. When the water source is a channel, the bottom valve should be more than 0.50 meters above the bottom of the water, and a net should be added to prevent debris from entering the pump.

3. The base of the machine and pump should be level, and the connection with the foundation should be firm. When the machine and the pump are driven by the belt, the tight side of the belt is at the bottom, so that the transmission efficiency is high, and the direction of the pump impeller should be consistent with the direction indicated by the arrow; when the coupling is used for transmission, the machine and the pump must be coaxial.

4. The installation position of the water pump should meet the requirements of the allowable vacuum height. The foundation must be level and stable to ensure that the rotation direction of the power machinery is consistent with the rotation direction of the water pump.

5. If there are multiple units in the same room, there should be a distance of more than 800mm between the units and between the units and the wall.

6. The suction pipe of the water pump must be well sealed, and elbows and gate valves should be minimized. Air should be exhausted when filling and diverting water. Air should not accumulate in the pipe during operation. There is a certain submerged depth.

3. Product packaging information, whether there are accessories, etc.: carton packaging

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